Monday, March 18, 2013

Rap Crews

Yo crews have always been a part of hip hop from the Juice Crew to the Native Tongues Posse to Junior Mafia to Death Row to The Hot Boyz to Roc A Fella you get the point. Well recently there has been a resurgence in crews but which one is the best. Only ones that matter get to be on the list so sorry White Girl Mob fans and SODMG fans (soulja boi so raw his crew consists of himself). Aye you don't even know how close i was to putting Three Loco on here. Well without further ado let's get it on.

12. 1017 Brick Squad
name someone other than Gucci or Waka i'll give you $10

Gucci fucked up. They would have been higher, only like a couple spots though, had they not dropped Waka Flocka. The fuck is he thinking? Flocka is the only one that still crosses over, sorry Guwop, and he still feeds the streets with tapes. The man has a work ethic. I guess Iceman couldn't accept the fact there was a bigger star on his own label. Anyways that being said i could tolerate Gucci although i haven't listened to him since he dropped The State Vs. Radric Davis which is a slept on album. He had bangers on that one from Classic to Bingo to Lemonade to the crossover hit Spotlight feat Usher. I ain't afraid to say i had this on repeat because as my man Feefo from deadendhip would say "it bumps in the whip." I can tolerate OJ Da Juiceman to an extent just on the fact that the stuff he puts out is hilarious. Other than that i don't fuck with anyone else on the roster. Sorry Young Thug, Young Scooter, Frenchie, OG Boo Dirty, and Wooh Da Kid, RIP Slim Dunkin. I do give them props though because they one of the few people in the game that live the life they actually talk about in their material so props on being real motherfuckers.

11. A$AP Mob
same challenge, anyone other than Rocky

They really should be called A$AP Rocky and friends because everyone not named Rocky sucks, and Rocky ain't nothing special although he does do his thing so props there. None of the tracks off of Lords Never Worry caught my attention and my favorite track on there is not even because of A$AP Mob. I skip the dude after Drugged out Stalley and even then i don't feel inclined to listen to Rocky's verse. I'm just waiting till everyone turns on Rocky aka the hand that's feeding them and they slide right back into irrelevancy. Maybe they should of jumped ship to Raider Klan.

10. Bad Boy

Diddy just stop. We all know you make hella dough so why do you continue to put out mediocre music. Not you personally, although when you do jump on a verse i feel like slapping you, but the people you put on. What is your purpose? Why do you sign 2nd level artists and try to make them into stars? You rich as fuck why don't you just get the best that are out there? This is supposed to be the same label that made Big famous, c'mon now. Might as well sign Craig Mack since he would actually be an upgrade. The "leader" of the artists is French Montana and that says it all right there. He doesn't even rep Bad Boy to the fullest. And the posse cut they have is the worst song i have heard in a long long time. I'm talking worse than this, shout out to Oakland tho. MGK got potential because he's white and has some stuff behind his lyrics but other than that, Red Cafe? All i ever hear of Los is that he bodies other people's beats. Cassie is going to save you guys? Diddy dawg you might as well have stuck with Da Band, at least you had one of the five best rappers of all time. I'm not telling Diddy what to do because he doing fine for himself money wise but that shit is obviously not coming from music.

9. Taylor Gang

Where do i even start. For a while when Wiz was shouting out Taylor Gang i thought he was just showing love to his fans. I didn't know he actually had a crew until he signed Juicy J. I give him props for the Juicy J thing because he actually fits with the party vibe that Wiz puts out and believe it or not i think Juicy has actually influenced Wiz more so than the other way around recently. But Chevy Woods and Lola Monroe c'mon. I fuck with Berner because he's a hustler and plus he isn't even a full time rapper. he is more of the weed guy in the group and he's from SF so big ups. Krit laced Yoko tho.


Does anyone even know what the B stands for? If you want to see an in depth take on these clowns check out the homie Big Ghost and scroll down to number 1. I don't think anyone could have said it better. Yes they do have Drake and Nicki but we all know they ain't good like that. They good for sales and shit but nothing else. Tyga doing his thing too in his ratchet lane. Check out the rest of the roster and let me know if you honestly have heard one song of theirs: jae millz, cory gunz, gudda gudda, lil twist, lil chuckee. I know i'm probably forgetting some but it's not like it matters. I hear they're in the running to signing Lil Mouse and Lil Poopy too. I shamefully admit i listened to a Gudda Gudda track to see if he was as bad as Big Ghost said he is and only thing i gotta say is don't bother listening to Gudda Gudda. Weezy is a shell of his former self and not even he could save his crew from sucking ass, which i wouldn't be surprised if wayne has actually done.

7. Odd Future
you already know a crew ain't complete without a couple white dudes

These kids are an acquired taste and i still havn't found it yet but they do have a loyal fanbase who tries to be like them so much. First off the only ones i fuck with are Earl and to an extent Frank Ocean but does any really think Frank needs them or vice versa, people kinda forget he is in the group. I know Tyler got some good stuff but i just can't get into his shit. I don't know, talking about stabbing bruno mars in his throat isn't appealing to everyone but he gets props for being the leader of a cult at such a young age. I know the names Domo, Hodgy or whoever else but if you were to tell me to pick them out of a lineup i couldn't do it. If you were to ask me on Oldie which member is spitting their verse again i couldn't tell you outside of Earl and Tyler. But they do be putting out projects as much as any crew out there right now.

6. Pro Era

First off RIP to Capital Steez. It would have been real interesting to see where these kids could go if Steez was still with us. These guys have the same problem as A$AP Mob and odd future in that they are new to the scene and i really can't differentiate one from another except the most visible, Joey Bada$$. The difference is that their two posse cuts that i have heard are dope. I like very much what they are doing with embracing 90's hip hop and bringing it back to the forefront. There was some really great music being made in that era and to put a modern twist over the nostalgic beats is something i can fuck with. They even got an interview with Nardwuar so you know they made it. The only dude i really got my eye on other than Joey is CJ Fly and Chuck Strangers is a good up and comer behind the boards. The rest of the dudes need to step up and make a name for themselves rather than relying on posse cuts to get their name out. Also Joey's ego is becoming a little too big for my liking so hopefully he can get back to being grounded and move away from that "i'm so in touch with my third eye that you don't understand me" bullshit.

5. Shady 2.0
dope hat joey

These guys get the edge over pro era simply because they have been putting in the work longer and their resumes are miles ahead of the kids from new york. I don't even fuck with Slaughterhouse too much anymore but i know they are good. regardless of what people say they can rip the mic like no other individually and when they come together they have potential to destroy it. The problem is they haven't reached their potential as a group or on their individual releases. Correct if i'm wrong but when is the last time a Royce, Joell Ortiz, or Crooked I solo project came out. And Joe Budden, i don't see why people like him because to me he will only be known for having hot ex's and for Pump It Up. The latter is not something to be proud of. And we didn't even get to my man Yelawolf. He came out with Trunk Muzik and that was some fire. I still bump Good To Go every now and then, shout out to Bun B. The problem was his debut Radioactive did not do well at well commercially or critically. This in part has to do with the time he spent on it. He mentioned he did the whole album was made in like 2 weeks or something. You definitely gotta spend more time on your debut dawg. He and Krit need to come out with Country Cousins already. The talent is there for Shady 2.0, they just need to find a way to put it together. Maybe they joined forces too late and it is harder to mesh now than it would have been earlier in their careers who knows. If they can put it together, man they will definitely rise up this list, if that matters to them which it doesn't. Hi Rihanna

4. G.O.O.D. Music
i like how kanye dresses everyone up in ridulous shit then dress normal himself

Kanye is weird to me. He got dudes like Mos Def, or Yaasin Bey, Pusha T, Q Tip, and Common yet pushes guys like Medium Sean, has Cyhi all over Cruel Summer yet the best tracks involved dudes not even on the label. Now i understand why he doesn't push the OG's because they're already established and all that but they haven't released anything so why are they even on the label. To be a mentor to Sean and Cyhi as if they're the future of hip hop. I don't get it but they deserve recognition solely on the fact that they are relevant and have the best individual resumes of any crew on here. Kanye ego has gotten so big he thinks he can turn anyone into stars but we'll see if the genius can work his magic.

3. Jet Life
couldn't find a pic with everyone in it
Curren$y and his dudes definitely get the label for most material that gets put out and its mostly due to Spitta himself. I went to one of their shows and they have a lot of motherfuckers in the crew. From veterans like Fiend and Smoke Dza to up and comers like Cornerboy P, Trademark Da Skydiver, and Young Roddy. The latter two seemed to be the proteges of Mr. Andretti. Oh and they can put on a hell of a show too that's a big part of their appeal. But the thing they do great is they know their lane and stick to it. They know what they are good at and work to perfecting their craft. They're not going to be singing any love songs or any bullshit like that. It's just going to be them talking bout weed, cars, video games, weed, hoes, money, weed, and then a little touch of weed sprinkled in. Yeah it gets redundant but what do you expect. You don't listen to a Jet Life track looking to turn your life around on some philosophical shit. It would be like going to a Raiders game and expecting it to be a playoff game, shit just is not going to happen. I didn't even mention my man Mikey Rocks formerly of the Cool Kids. He has been relatively quiet since joining so i'm waiting to see what he does. They got two compilation albums Jet World Order and Jet World Order 2, you can't expect originality from stoners, and not all the tracks are good but they got a couple like 1st Place and Lopsided. Now i admit i haven't listened to them in a minute but most tracks i heard have the trio of curren$y, trademark, and roddy on them like Hold On. Is it just me or does Roddy have the perfect voice for these kinds of hooks.

2. MMG
what is omarion doing

These dudes got the best intro to any song when that MMMM...Maybach music comes in. That being said the only dude i fuck is Stalley and the funny thing is that he doesn't even sound like the other members. Officer Ricky's roster is growing and has added Omarion, excuse me Maybach O, Meek Mill, and Wale as well in addition to dropping Pill. Gunplay has seemingly gone from weed carrier to cusp of stardom but i don't think his style could crossover to the mainstream. He is like the anti Ross since Gunplay is a cokehead who spits real shit while Ross is a fantasy drug dealer that thinks he is on top of the dope game. Now everyone and their mama knows Ross isn't about that life but what if he is comparing the drug game to the way he handles business. Think about that for a second, the shit he and MMG put out no one really wants to hear but yet is always on the radio so we are sort of addicted to the black Fat Joe. Anyways i mentioned it before but the thing that Ross does well is that he puts his guys on. Meek Mil and Wale both have had albums released and Stalley's project is coming out later this year apparently and you already know Omarion is going to put out some r&b stuff eventually. You can also tell he has a vision. Meek Mill has kept his megaphone rap style yet is able to get his hands on better production than he could have dreamed of and same with Wale and his whatever style you want to call what he does. I actually like Wale's early shit but his last album Ambition just sounded a little too generic for me. You know he was going for the radio sound and that completely went against the style that attracted him to his fans in the first place. Anyways peep Powercircle. UGGGGH

1. Black Hippy 

This is the unquestioned number 1 crew, group, posse whatever you wanna call it out right now. Every single member of Black Hippy (Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, and Ab Soul for those who don't know) easily could be the top dawg, pun intended, on any of these other labels if they choose to leave. It frustrates me when people always rank these dudes on who is the best or whatnot because that takes away from the ability of whoever is ranked last which is more often than not Jay Rock. He is not the worst in the group, they don't have a "worst" member, they are all raw in their own way. Do not sleep on Jay Rock. He and Freddie Gibbs are the only two legitimate gangsta rappers who have substance behind their lyrics. Their last Black Hippy cut Black Lip Bastard saw Jay Rock have the best verse on there so he is not a weak link, do not sleep on my man. Then we got Kendrick who i'm not even going to speak on because if you follow hip hop you already know this guy is the truth. If you don't know who he is stop reading and check out his album good kid m.A.A.d city and Section 80 to start then go back and check his Overly Dedicated mixtape and Kendrick Lamar EP. Then we got Ab Soul who morphed into some deep thinking cat seemingly out of nowhere and is called the human dictionary for a reason. If you haven't copped the Control System album yet definitely listen to it and if you like it support the man and buy it. Personally i like Long Term 2 a little better but that's based on the fact that i've bumped it like 1000 more times than control system. Then we got my man Schoolboy Q. He is the perfect complement to the other guys because he is the guy that would fit more into the mainstream scene today because of what he talks about but his flow is so much better than all the guys on the radio that are in his lane. If you need help getting into the Q'ster check out Habits and Contradictions and peep Hands On The Wheel, Druggys With Hoes Again, and Blessed. But you definitely gotta check all the tracks because each of my friends have different favorites than i do and the album really shows his diversity on different beats. I'll just put links to some of my favorite songs from the Black Hippy crew.
Turn Me Up
Hood Gone Love It
Money Trees
Terrorist Threats

Let me know if my rankings suck or if i missed any crews out right now. peace

Since we're talking posse cuts here are some of the best

Wu Tang Clan aka the best Collection of MC's of all time

A Tribe Called Quest feat Leaders Of The New School

Roc Nation shout out to Big Ghost

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