Friday, April 5, 2013

Tyga- Hotel California

the i grew up in the suburbs look

Tyga's second album was supposed to come out April 9th but shit got leaked so i was like fuck it i wasn't going to pay for it anyway might as well check it out. First off congratulations on him and his stripper baby mama on their child. The new poppa cemented himself last year as king of the ratchets with tracks like Rack City, Faded, and some other shit I can't remember but in all honesty he wouldn't be at the status without DJ Mustard laying down the beat. But to Tyga's credit he has the ignorant lyrics words in succession to make girls shake their asses at the drop of a dime. My personal favorite of his is Bitches ain't shit which he did with Nipsey Hussle and YG. Speaking of YG, i lightweight feel bad for him since Tyga jacked his style and took it farther then YG has but whatever not it's like they were doing anything groundbreaking. They both just jacked that style from the Bay and D-Lo but that's just life in the Bay...never getting credit for anything. Well i'm not expecting anything from this album. It probably will just be a collection of singles made for strip clubs. And what the fuck is up with the cover. Not only does no one in California dress like that, i don't think anyone in America does neither. It looks like if one of the New Boyz moved their skinny jeans asses to New York thought they were tough so bought some Timbos then proceeded to live in Russia. Also does anyone think he was that close to a tiger. Matter fact the whole thing looks photoshopped or shot in front of a green screen. I don't know what he was trying to accomplish here. But I digress and like i said i don't have high expectations so that's a good thing for him because there's no other way to go but up.

This album was a rough listen. i had a lot of patience for the first 9 tracks of the album and actually listened to everything all the way through but after that i couldn't take it anymore and hit the next button at the drop of the first wack bar which didn't take too long. I wouldn't call this an album. It is more like a collection of strip club anthems for the first half and a collection of radio cuts the second half. I don't know what he was trying to accomplish with this other than trying to make money which is whatever but in doing so he should never be referred to as an artist. I honestly don't know the difference between his albums and his mixtapes because they sound exactly the same to me. Plus a couple tracks off his tapes always end up on his albums anyways so there's that.

That being said i liked Get Rich and Enemies which happened to be tracks 12 and 13 which i was surprised i was still awake by the time they rolled around. And can Lil B get some love. Tyga bit the whole "Whoop, Whoop" Lil B adlibs for Get Rich and the Basedgod does not get enough credit for the foundation he has laid down. Although he isn't taken seriously at all he is insanely hilarious, helped revive the revolve a song around a famous person concept, and made it cool again to be yourself. Look at Riff Raff, he wouldn't be around if it weren't for Lil B. Look at how much ASAP Rocky shouts "swag." Lil B was doing that and getting ridiculed for it yet ASAP does it and gets praised for starting a whole new movement. Again look at the Basedgod's fashion and tell me ASAP would be doing what he is fashion wise if Lil B didn't pave the way first. But what can you do, again it's the Bay not getting the credit they deserve. And for Enemies i forgot what i liked about it but i made a note saying i liked it and didn't want to listen to it again for fear i would most likely hate it after a second lesson. I was feeling It Never rains mainly for the Tony! Toni! Tone! sample but then i opened my ears, came to my senses and said fuck this. 2chainz gave me a chuckle like he always does on Hijack when he said "If you believe in having sex then say me too (me too)." I was just shaking my head and thinking you dam bastard 2chainz. I wanna hear him and Riff Raff do a track together because they are the same rappers concept wise, it's just 2chainz is better at getting his thoughts to flow together than Jody Highroller. Plus he referenced hyphy aka the cousin of crunk so i couldn't be mad at that.

Now on to the bad and shit there was a lot of it. I never noticed it before because i never listened to Tyga like that but the dude bites a lot. I already mentioned the Lil B whoop stealing but other examples of this were the production on Dope sounding exactly like Murda Bizness from Iggy Azalea (if you were to bite, not sure why it would be from her), the whole concept of drive fast, live young is just a YOLO ripoff which in turn is just a ripoff of enjoy life while you're young idea. Not only that but on that track he tried out a Houston sound and failed miserably and on the same track tried autotune which failed even harder. Autotune just needs to go away unless its T-Pain and the only reason T-Pain gets to do it is because he was the first. Then he was trying to get his love ballad thing on with For The Road aka Deuces part 2 feat Women's Boxing Undisputed Champion Chris Brown as if the first song needed a sequel. Him making a love ballad is like MC Hammer giving you financial advice. Yeah you can listen to it but you're better off flushing that shit out of your brain immediately. He comes again stealing Pac's line from Dear Mama with "My plan is to make you understand." I see what he is doing. Tyga trying to create a win win situation for himself because young bloods who have yet to hear Pac will be like "oh wow Tyga is deep" then people who spotted that from a mile away will make Tyga say "oh no i love 2pac i was just paying him homage" bullshit which brings me to Hit Em Up. He is stealing once again without a ski mask in the hook. Completely ripping off Kendrick's hook in Tammy's Song shows how much originality Young Money is able to produce. Then i saw Jadakiss and i was like nice they got a real spitter on here even though i really don't listen to him. Then after hearing it i remembered why i don't fuck with jadakiss, where Styles P at. I fell for a trap with Diss Song because i thought i was going to like it until he started singing and i just wanna say Tyga needs to try to perfect what he is doing because he has no future in singing. Then he said "I'm a big event so go ahead and vent." The ultimate SMH line. He repeated it too as if it were some fire shit that people are going to be making part of their everyday vocabulary. I know i'm ranting a bit so i'll wrap it up with some whack lines. Lil Wayne recycled Tyga ESPN line from Bedrock which again, if you're going to recycle something why recycle some wack shit. On Get Loose he said "i'm the shit call the plumber" and the best thing was he didn't feel the need to repeat it. Then on the last track which you gotta make good if you want the album to be remembered chucked up a half court heave and hit the popcorn guy in the stands when he said "Palm trees, niggas can't see me like black and white tv's." I have no idea what that means and i hope no one puts any effort into deciphering it.

The best thing i could say about the album was that it was sequenced well. He isn't too retarded to know that people listen to his shit for the strip club anthems so he made that the first half of the album. Then after Molly came on and Wiz Khalifa spit the same verse he has been for the last 5 years there was a switch up, a come down if you will into the tracks made for the radio so props to that. But then again when that is the best thing about the album what does that say about the actual album? Well i downloaded this at 7:43 and proceeded to delete it at 8:53 so i think he set the record for shortest time on my laptop so he'll always be number 1 in my heart for that. I'm never planning on listening to this ever again.

Final Grade: D

Freddie Gibbs- What It B Like

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  1. This is so true Tyga jacked lil B. The basedgod taught all these dudes and sets all the trends.