Saturday, April 20, 2013

4-20 Edition

It's 4/20 so while all the potheads are celebrating i'll throw in a tribute of my own. A lot of entertainment has been strongly influenced by marijuana and it is all blunt, no subtlety allowed. There isn't going to be too many words here so just enjoy the list of the best movies, rappers, athletes, and songs that owe so much to the sticky green.

Movies (favorite scenes)


Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke

Half Baked

Pineapple Express

Harold and Kumar 2

How High


Josh Howard

Damon Stoudemire

University Of Oregon Football

Marcus Camby

Sam Hurd (couldn't find highlights so i settled for this white dude)

Nick Diaz

Jack Swagger

Randy Moss

Tyrann Mathieu


Snoop Doggy Dogg
The Doggfather right here and there isn't anyone who has stayed as relevant for as long as he has thanks to mary jane. A legend in every sense of the word even though he hasn't put out good music since Doggystyle but that's neither here nor there. He has influenced countless other rappers to smoke until they can't rhyme anymore. A true pioneer.  

Method Man & Redman
These guys have to be mentioned together or else it doesn't count. Despite these two making their names being completely separated from each other it was when they joined forces that they solidified their statuses as premier potheads in the rap game. They made a movie called How High which would be enough to put them on the list but the fact that they put albums out together enhances their legends.

This Palmdale native is on here for one reason only.

Wiz Khalifa
The most popular stoner out right now owes his entire career to marijuana. Everything he talked about came right back to weed. His debut album was called Rolling Papers for god's sake. His love song is called Roll Up. He is more of a fashionista weed rapper nowadays though. It helps he has Dr. Greenthumb in Berner as his weed carrier.

Here we got Wiz's big brother Spitta. All he talks about is weed, women, cars, video games, money whatever. He got no substance to it but he sounds so damn good at it. He's got a sick flow, has a whole team of weed carriers, and owes his entire career to the herb. Jet life Jet life.

Legends in the game right here kinda set the standard for normal ass dudes making it in the game. Real relatable dudes because they had the same problems us regular people had dealt with it by smoking weed. Also had one of the dopest album covers on their debut.

Devin The Dude
Guy is so slept on it's not even funny. But then again idk if he trips too much off of it because he probably to high all the time to realize how under appreciated he is. He is over 40 and still doing his thing so props to him for that.

Cypress Hill
 These guys are legends. They did what they wanted, how they wanted, and because of that have sustained a loyal fanbase for two decades. Pioneers in weed rap breaking through, having a Latino man as one of the faces of the group broke the door open for other Latino rappers and they just made music you could vibe too while partaking in activities

Well there you have it. Enjoy the music, watch some movies and obviously i left your favorite stuff off the list but i wanted to keep it short for you guys. Be safe. peace

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