Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Best Radio Rappers

Now i don't fuck with the radio all that much but i do tune in to it from time to time when i wanna see who is popular and if any of the dudes i'm listening to have broken through. Also i have to listen to it because the girlfriend wants to and you know how that goes. Well as anyone knows the rap that gets played on the radio is 95% of the time straight up trash but every once in a while you'll get someone to sneak in something good for our health. Now i know the point of getting your stuff on the radio is to get people dancing and make money so i see why people play it but c'mon, they're disregarding a lot of talented people who have something to say. But whatever i'm not going to be able to do anything so here we go with my version of MTV's Hottest MC's if you will.


J. Cole- Apparently Jermaine's new album is coming soon so we'll see what happens. He blew up a bit after Cole World and let's see if he sticks with that same formula of half radio hits/half tracks for his fanbase. Definitely interested to see because i think it will tell us a lot about where he will be taking his career.

Wiz Khalifa- People like him

Future- If only Same Damn Time could get some airplay then that would make me happy. But for now we have to settle for listening to the worst use of autotune known to man.

Big Sean- Perfect example of a radio rapper. He will never drop any kind of life changing knowledge on us and will be irrelevant in a decade. The Chingy of our generation.

10) Tyga: This guy edges out Big Sean because he had a bigger year last year or at least i think he did but that isn't saying much. Make It Nasty was still big, as was Rack City (the opening to the video looks like the opening to a gay porno). He gets credit for stealing YG's formula, excuse me bringing the ratchet sound to the forefront and giving hoodrats a reason to wildout and be idiots. I know Get Her Tho got radio play in the Bay because of D-Lo (godfather of new age ratchet music) but i don't about anywhere else. Well Tyga for sure has a lane and he better stick to it because he would sound terrible doing anything else. Remember So Far Away. P.S Tyga says he ain't even about that life he portrays *shrug*

9) Trinidad Jame$: It took me a while and i had to watch a couple interviews of him but i fuck with Trinidad Jame$. He is a cool, humble dude and the music of Trinidad Jame$ is just a persona of Nicholas Williams. When i saw him getting interviewed by Narwuar that was nothing like i had expected him to sound. He knows the music he puts out is some ignorant ass shit and like Tyga is in no way trying to go over people's heads. He is on the radio because of All Gold Everything and i haven't yet heard anything else of his getting play. So we'll see if he is a one hit wonder or if he has a recipe for hits. Cuz my main hoe ain't feelin me no moe

8) Lil Wayne: For everyone that hates Lil Wayne you're just going to have to deal with it. He will continue getting radio play until he decides he doesn't want to do music. His fan base is just too loyal and too white for him to completely fall off. He will always be quick to jump on someone else's track or have big names jump on his. No Worries is terrible but what can you do. I really hope they play that track he has with Soulja Boi just so he can get embarrassed on a national level, aye yo cuz i'm fresh to death. I know i still get my hopes up that Lil Wayne will get back to mid to late 2000's Wayne because it's still somewhere in that fucked up mind of his.

7) Juicy J: Dude came back with a vengeance. Guys he inspired back in the day now want him on their tracks. Now i don't fuck with Juicy but goddam it is good to see someone who has paid his dues for almost 20 years, stay true to himself, and finally get the breakthrough by making the same kind of music he has always made. Some people don't realize he was part of the group that did Stay Fly and that was about 10 years ago. Props to Juicy J, now he really got the doe to make em dance.

6) Macklemore: Dude out of Seattle got famous over night with Thrift Shop but he has been doing this for well over a decade. People may hate the white boy but you gotta respect that he almost self destructed by getting addicted to drugs, Otherside, and coming back to reach the top of the charts. I don't even fuck with the guy like that but I know some like Jake Bourey of is on his jock and i trust that white boy even though he seems like a pretentious prick bastard, whattup Jake. He has that Gay Marriage song but i haven't checked it out yet because honestly i got better things to do then listen to Macklemore like brush my teeth, take the trash out, or play NBA Jam on the iphone but i respect the man's perseverance.

5) Wale: I had a love hate thing with Wale. I first got into him a couple years back when he released A Mixtape About Nothing, More About Nothing, and Back To The Feature then kind of stopped following him. Next thing i know he is on MMG and sounding nothing like he did before aka selling out. But then i looked past all that and really appreciated how good those projects he had before joining Officer Ricky and he still can spit nowadays so he hasn't lost his touch. I understand he has to rhyme a certain way for radio spins and for some reason he sounds soft yet it doesn't sound out of place. He is like a cooler/manlier Drake.

4) Rick Ross: Here comes the MMG head honcho. Never disappoints when it comes to bangin beats except that whole Diced Pineapples thing but we'll that slide considering he was trying to "expand" his repertoire. Just stick to the ignorance man. I can't believe Hold Me Back didn't get play because that was on some BMF no purpose at all, my life would be the exact same if i never heard this track ever type shit. But whatever and Ricky better calm down with the I'm a made man talk because the man will die if he keeps going all that bullshit talk. If a heart attack or seizure doesn't get him a bullet will. His car was shot at last month and last year had to cancel tour dates because he was threatened by the Gangster Disciples. No one believes you're a drug dealer, or at least i hope everyone knows that. Fat Man needs to show he can spit about something other than moving imaginary weight or else the man will die. Anyone else miss The Boss, Blow or Hustlin or is it just me?

3) 2 Chainz: Another guy like Juicy J who has been grinding and finally got big. I don't know if people know it but the guy is 35 years old, was a baller back in the day, and had a hit a while back when Lil Wayne was considered the Best Rapper Alive, Duffle Bag Boy. That was when he was signed to Ludacris and part of Playaz Circle but he went solo and with a name like Tity Boi, it was a wonder how he never made the radio. But he changed his name to 2 Chainz, released a very 2 Chainz project in T.R.U. Religion, and then proceeded to be everywhere in 2012. He had Birthday Song, I'm Different, No Lie, Beez in Da Trap, and was on Fuckin Problems and Mercy. Kind of a big year for him. I don't fuck with him but he is probably the funniest rapper out right now and it's a nice change of pace to have a comedy rapper to offset everyone taking themselves too seriously *cough Medium Sean cough*

2) Drake: I don't fuck with the motherfucker but as anyone know this r&b dude is somehow the most popular rapper out right now. I really don't feel like talking about him.

1) Kendrick Lamar: The Breakout star of 2012 was not only popular but is a damn good MC. Undoubtedly the best lyricist on the radio in a long time and has been in the conversation for best lyricist of our generation for a couple years now. He first came onto the radio with The Recipe, then followed it up with Swimming Pools, and then Poetic Justice. His studio debut wasn't a cd necessarily made for singles because it was a concept album but he was still able to make his singles not be out of place on Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. He did his round of performances on all the late shows, did a song with the Lonely Island Boys and sounded awfully out of place on Fuckin Problems yet had the most memorable line with "Girl ya kn ya wan di di." So hopefully Schoolboy follows suit and blows up. That Yay Yay.

My shortest entry in a while but whatever since most of these dudes have enough coverage anyway and sound the same. If you noticed, with the exception of Kendrick and Macklemore, all these dudes spit about absolutely nothing. But it is what is is. Underground heads complain all they want but certain songs get people movin and Elzhi sure as hell isn't that guy. If i were to pick a radio dude to listen to its Flocka in a heartbeat. SQUUAAD

Young Roddy- Blow

Young Jeezy- RIP

Lil Wayne- Hustlers Music

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