Sunday, April 7, 2013

Best Of The Wackness pt 1


A lot of these guys right here catch a lot of flac for sucking, being soft, and making terrible music. That's true 95% of the time but every once in a while your shit don't stink and it's the perfect combination. This right here is a little teaser, or part 1. I was originally going to do the wack dudes' best project but that would take a crazy amount of time to listen to all them projects so in the meantime i'll list some of their best tracks. Only criteria is that it has to be their track, so for example if i were to have Roscoe Dash on the list (which I don't) then No Hands wouldn't be the choice since its a Waka cut. Here we go

I can't really say much about the man that hasn't already been said good or bad. He is a polarizing dude and really shouldn't be. He is the Tim Tebow of rap. He can't really do what he is supposed to (rap vs Tim Tebow who can't quarterback). He is better suited off to doing r&b (tebow is better suited switching positions or playing in Canada) and staying in that lane. That being said he has a couple gems. I fuck with Successful for reasons i stated here and i mess with Find Your Love. I still don't know why i like that song but it's stuck in my head, HEY HEY HEY.

Despite what people say about hip hop's premier go go rapper, the dude can spit. It may not be everyone's cup of tea and he tries to come off too hard sometimes to prove himself to his MMG brothers but i like it when he is on his wordplay thing. As you guys can tell i like sports and one of the reasons i like Wale is he be dropping many sports references, maybe not so much anymore. He may not be fucked with muscially by Cudi and Kanye but i still bump your shit Wale, well the old shit...fuck your new stuff.

Asher Roth
Now Asher really only gets hated on because of I Love College aka Mac Miller's inspiration and that terrible pile of dog shit that he called Asleep In The Bread Aisle. A lot of people gave up on him and don't realize he is still making music but he decided to make music he wanted to instead of trying to get radio play. All i can say is that that is a good move for him and a lot of peole don't realize he has a nicer flow than 80% of cats in the game right now. I fuck with Common Knowledge, In The Kitchen, and Fuck The Money (looks like B.O.B is a hypocrite) among others.

Wiz Khalifa
Another dude that gets a lot of shit for selling out but shit what can you do. He was bound for it. Stoner rappers have two directions they could go. The Spitta route, which is keep doing what you're doing and build a loyal fanbase or go the Wiz route, which is to switch your style up to cater to the radio and make hella money sacrificing the artistic integrity you got. But what can i say i was a fanboy at one time and with fucked with his tapes heavy. In The Cut, The Thrill, B.A.R, and Never Been were in the rotation. Bonus features he was on i fucked with were Super High and Retrosuperfuture which were both Notorious P.I.G tracks. I'm actually surprised Wiz ain't on more hooks but whatever.

If you guys read this then you know i'm like the rest of the functioning members of society and can't stand this odd pre cum baby. So it was real hard for me to dig through his archives to find a track i could dig. It was more like finding a track i could tolerate the most actually. Get Her Tho i fuck with because of D-Lo so i gotta find something else or else its a copout. And it was tough because he got the mad ignorant beat with DJ Mustard so i was trying to find one that he was actually spitting. But after a while it was looking like it would take a couple days to find one so i just said fuck it and chose Rack City.

J. Cole
Jermaine gets a lot of shit from the people that been following for a while because his subject matter been about the same exact thing then his debut album was too awkward. I read this somewhere but i forgot where that said it came off awkward because he tried to make half the album for his day 1 fans and the other half for the radio making it not seem right at all, i concur with that statement. He shoulda took the Kendrick route in crafting the album. That being said i fuck with Carolina On My Mind and Lights Please

Mac Miller
Well at least Mac sticks to his demographic. He knows white college kids listen to his stuff and caters his music to them. I haven't check out Macadelic yet which if i remember he was actually working with legit artists like Talib so once i get around to it i'll see if my opinion on him changed. but until then he is forever known as Asher Roth's prodigy and disciple for cuts like this, that, and even thee. I just hope he doesn't try to sing hooks anymore.

Chris Brown
Fuck him and his music. There's always the Women's Boxing Association.

Big Sean
I don't like any one of this cunt's music. His most tolerable things i've heard him on were the cuts he did with Spitta and Wiz: O.T.T.R and the one he did with Mike Posner. And Posner had the better verse, go figure.  Can't stand the stupid hashtag flow and the BOI BOI BOI.

Lil B
Ahh the Basedgod. Founding member of the Pack, co-founder of Pink Dolphin, and paving the way for artists to be weird again. A lot of his spoken word shit has terrible flow yes but look past that and get to the message and you will be rewarded with gems like RIP To The Rap Game, Exhibit Based, The Age of Information, Death Of Rap ("I ain't drake I ain't come in the game rich"), Hoes On My Dick, and Where The Game Began. TYBG and remember to stay positive.

Nicki Minaj
Another one of these polarizing figures. But she really isn't too polarizing on second thought. If you think about the two sides of people that talk about her are either people that love her for her radio hits or hip hop heads who say she has no talent. But let's not get it twisted this girl who does not have one real bone in her body does have talent otherwise she wouldn't be able to consistently be on top of the charts. Then if you knock her rapping credentials she can always fall back on that Monster verse. But then she was talking how she better then nearly all male rappers in the game lyrically and i was like hold up bitch. just because you spit one great verse does not put you at the top. Brady Anderson had a 50 homer year back in 1996 and everyone will proceed to stop reading this and say to themselves...who the fuck is brady anderson? So she needs to contain her ego and put out material to back up her claim. Until then i fuck with this one and that one but not really.

Told you that this was just a preview for later so i'll be sure to drop part 2 in the future. I don't have a date or nothing for it so it's just going to be when i have time to dissect the projects and what not know what i'm saying. And speaking of future...

Future- Same Damn Time


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