Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Big K.R.I.T- King Remembered In Time

What's happening everybody. First off let me apologize for not doing this thing as frequently as i have in the past. Just got a massive case of writers block aka laziness and haven't really come up with any fresh ideas lately. Anyways let me get this started by saying Big Krit is my favorite artist point blank. A big reason as to why he is my favorite is because i did not really get into hip hop until mid to late 2010. And by that i mean i was a radio/pandora guy. I didn't look too hard for artists and my favorites at the time were Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, etc. There's nothing wrong with liking them but at the same time i kind of took a step back and realized "no wonder people hate on rap." There was no substance to it. Its like how everyone makes fun of abstract painters because those Flocka/Gucci/Young Money types just throw shit against the wall and see what sticks (i got love for those people btw, although not so much young mula). Then, looking at various lists for Best of 2010 mixtapes i kept seeing one project listed over and over again. It was called Krit Wuz Here and the mixtape cover was just the words over some faded blue background and it got me wondering wtf was this. So because of the intrigue i downloaded it and it took a while but eventually i fell in love with the dude's music. Despite him being a country boy from Mississippi and me being a city boy from San Francisco there was so much i could relate to him with. So long story short i love every one of this guy's projects with the exception of Live From The Underground which i like and definitely have to give a few more listens to before deicing if it stays in the like category or moves up to the love category. Here we go with the King Remembered In Time review.

First off dope album cover as always from my man Big Krit. Album art is such an underrated aspect of the music game and i just have an appreciation for the people that take their time with this craft. I have no idea what in the world is going on but if i saw this in a record shop and didn't know who Krit was, i am buying this solely based on the cover. Now onto the music. I don't know why but for some reason whenever i listen to a Krit project i can't get into it right away. It takes me a while to give his projects their due but eventually i come to love them. For example it took me almost a year to really get into 4Eva N A Day but when i did i played that for like a month straight. So much so that Red Eye is my second most played song in itunes but i digress. The reason i mentioned that was because i knew i liked King Remembered In Time from the moment i heard it. I don't know where i would rank this yet with his other projects because it has to pass the time test that his other projects have already but it is not far behind. I actually think this project could have passed as an album. I don't know about clearing samples or whatever but let's just say hypothetically this was his next retail project, i believe Krit would have done well on the radio. He has beats that are great for riding and could bang in the club. If All Gold Everything could do well in the club then so can My Trunk with Trinidad James. I think he could have gotten his song for the ladies hit too with both Good 2getha and The Bigger Picture with the latter being my favorite track on the whole project. But as we all know Krit is dope as fuck and the radio don't like that kind around their neck of the woods, c'mon Def Jam you got a star on your label...push the man.

Anyways he has something for everyone. He has those aforementioned relationship tracks, he has the introspective tracks that he is great at like REM and WTF. He has the bangers with How U Luv That (shout out to Big Sant) and King Without a Crown. Then he has the smooth just gotta shimmy like you're possessed track with the legendary Bun B on Shine On. It's weird because i like a lot of the tracks by themselves versus his other projects where i just liked them as a whole project.

I want to say something bad about the project just so it doesn't seem like i am riding his jock but i can't say anything. The only things i can say is that i wish he gave us the full version of Just Last Week or left it off completely. I also wasn't feeling Only One but i have no reason for that so it may just end up being an invalid point. It's like the man is hater proof. The only bad things i have ever heard about him is that he sounds repetitive. Notice how no one ever says his shit is bad though.

I admit this was tough for me to give a grade because i really tried not comparing it to his other projects which are all A+'s in my opinion but i will give this an A- for right now. I am sure in due time it will be bumped up but as of right now that is where it is. Although the competetition is thin the only one that can challenge it for project of the year so far is Chance The Rapper's Acid Rap which i have been fucking with heavy lately. I know the worst thing an artist can have is people telling him or her that their project's shit doesn't stink stink because it builds overconfidence or whatever but i don't know what i could say. I have no criticisms other than those two half ass ones i said earlier. Well to summarize it, King Remembered In Time was yet another great project from the man from Mississippi. In my opinion he is the most creative and most talented hip hop artist out right now. I would say in all of music but i don't know that much about other genres. Last thing is that i feel like he and Starlito would make some great music together.

Since no one asked for it here is my rankings of Krit's projects. I know he had other stuff before Krit Wuz Here but i think even he would understand that i haven't gone that far back. Also please note that the top 3 could go in any order. If i could have done a three way tie for first i would have but i gotta show some kind of balls.

1. Krit Wuz Here
2. 4 Eva N A Day
3. Return Of 4eva
4. King Remembered In Time
5. Live From The Underground

And here is my list of most played songs in my iTunes. 13 of the 25 belong to Big Krit. I am not trying to portray myself as a Krit groupie or Krit's biggest fan but i just thought it was funny that i unconsciously listened to him so much. I also have no idea that i played Chance The Rapper that many times.

Killer Mike- Don't Die

Chance The Rapper- Juice

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