Sunday, May 26, 2013

French Montana- Excuse My French

French Montana. I seriously have no idea how he blew up. He seemed to be doing his mixtape thing one day...Mac and Cheese, Coke Boyz, and Lockout with Waka Flocka then all of a sudden has become one of the three main go to guys for hooks in rap nowadays, shoutout to Future and Drake. He signed to Bad Boy but has Rick Ross as the executive producer along with Diddy. He even hustles two of the richest dudes in the game. All this coming from a Moroccan born kid who became a legit self made millionaire through dealing coke. Well after all those nice things he is a terrible rapper. His only good quality is selecting beats which is a very underrated talent and necessary for French's survival since he tends to make tracks for strip clubs. His claim to fame, which is being "one of the best hook writers in the game today" isn't true to me because i find his shit annoying as hell but whatever. I did like Pop That though so maybe there are some gems on this. P.S., i'm not expecting there to be any. Alright here we go.

First thing i'm going to say is that i was surprised by this. Because it was a studio debut, i was expecting at least half the album to be strip club anthems but there only turned out to be 2 maybe 3 of those. Definitely Pop That and Freaks were and you could make an argument for Bust It Open to be the third of the trio. None of these tracks are good to listen to when you're sober so i advise you to be drunk if you want to listen and preferably have some cash in your hands to make it rain even if you're just by yourself in your room. Not only was the album surprising because it wasn't full of strip club anthems but also because he had some good stuff on here. I actually really like the first two tracks: Once In A While (with Max B on the jail phone) and Trap House. If French could change the hook up on Once In A While then it would get more play on the personal speakers. Here is the hook..."Cold Blooded Murderaaaaa" over and over. And Trap House could be a radio single except the track is called Trap House and every other word in Rick Ross's verse would get bleeped out. But shout out to Officer Ricky for showing French some love and not jumping on a single off the album. Then he hit Ain't Worried Bout Nothin and all i could think was that everyone was right because French can't make a hit by himself. Not only was this hard on the ears but it was Lil Wayne's No Worries. The same exact thing. Same as in if he jumped on No Worries like a year ago no one would blink an eye but that shows how creavtive and what his range of topics can reach. And whoever crowned French king of hooks is retarded because his shit is annoying as fuck. Just repeats a couple words over and over in autotune aka not a good hook writer. I only liked two other songs on the album which were Fuck What Happens Tonight and We Go Where Ever We Want. On the former it pretty much is a DJ Khaled style track with a bunch of features and i don't know what Snoop was doing there but he sounded way out of place. All you need to know is skip the first and third verse. Ace Hood and the legendary Scarface went in. Idk how or why Scarface keeps popping up on these DJ Khaled tracks but at least he is staying relevant in the younger generation's minds. And as for We Go Where Ever, props to the 3 producers on the track for flipping the Ice Cream beat. Obviously the original is better but anytime Raekwon drops a verse you gotta take notice. No one knows why Ne-Yo is on there since i doubt this is getting radio play but they needed a hook i guess. 

As for the other tracks on the album i didn't mention i don't want to say that they were terrible but they were terrible. One of the tracks features a guy named Young Cash. These dudes must literally spend two seconds on thinking about their names nowadays. French is what he is. He's too old and been in the game too long to change up his whole subject matter. He is going to make strip club anthems for the radio which is very ironic and is going to make trap rap (whatever that is) with great production. I don't think Flocka gets enough credit for bringing trapping to the mainstream but i digress. Anyways if you like the rap you hear on the radios you would like this album. If you don't then you won't fuck with it. I like 3 or 4 tracks on the album but i don't even know if would go out of my way to look for them. But since i don't really remember what i gave Indicud i'm giving this a C- because this was definitely more enjoyable than Cudi's last project. Oh and if you're really debating on whether or not to buy this album or download it for free just download it. Normally i don't advocate that but this dude is rich as fuck from a previous tax free profession so i don't think he's sweating the dollar he makes off of your album sale.

p.s. Diddy. Kings don't build empires. Kings build kingdoms. Emperors build empires.
additional p.s. If you don't have adblocker, get that. You won't have to sit through ads on youtube or deal with popups.

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