Sunday, August 18, 2013

A$AP Ferg- Trap Lord

The rest of A$AP Mob looks like they're finally ready to break out of Rocky's shadow and leading the charge is A$AP Ferg. If you peeped my Rap Crews post i called them A$AP Rocky and friends and i still stand by that assertion which tells you what i think about Trap Lord. However, the album grew on me a little. The first couple listens i was whatever to it. It was what i was expecting from an A$AP album. Good mindless music. By that i mean you could play the album while you're busy doing other things and enjoy it. You really don't have to listen to what Ferg is saying to enjoy it because the beats are on point. Nothing caught my attention the first couple times around except that Hood Pope was annoying af and i kept wondering why he jacked M.I.A's flow on Let It Go and on Shabba to an extent. That being said Shabba eventually got stuck in my head and right now its my favorite track off the album.

The one thing that bothered me the most about the album was the lack of Ty Beats productions. I mean come on, he is a big part of the reason that A$AP Mob even blew up with Peso and Purple Swag so idk. Maybe Ferg is really going for that commercial sound but to me i think Ty Beats could have laced him with something. Another thing that bothered me is that Ferg doesn't sound comfortable when he is doing his M.I.A/Bone Thugs flow. It sounds forced which for me makes it a hard listen.

To sum it up A$AP Ferg's album is a mehhh translating to an arbitary C grade. Im not going to listen to a Ferg track for inspiration but rather to just get my head moving when im in the mood to hear some of that stuff. I'm missing something because a lot of people are talking about Ferg like he is next up but i just don't see it. Hell, Sportscenter even compared Ferg to Tom Brady and i really did not know he was making noise like that. Anyways, don't listen to me but listen to Trap Lord for yourself and tell me if you agree or not. If you like it support the man and if you don't like it respect the man.

p.s when Ferg is talking about trapping he is talking about selling belts. Literally belts that hold your pants up.

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