Tuesday, May 26, 2015

In Honor Of Travis Ishikawa

Travis Ishikawa was designated for assignment by the San Francisco Giants the other day meaning the Giants have no need for him at the moment. It's a semi-watershed moment for fans because Ishikawa did give the franchise and the fanbase one of its greatest moments EVER. This team has been around since the 1800s and Travis Ishikawa of all people graced us with one of the greatest baseball moments of all time. If Buster Posey did it, it would be up there in terms of moments for sure. It would have been even less of a surprise if Bumgarner hit that home run. However, it would not come within the same stratosphere in terms of shock value compared to Travis Ishikawa hitting the home run. It was so shocking because it was Travis Ishikawa. Such a random player to deliver us such joy. It got me thinking as to what are some other great moments came from seemingly random Giants players over the years. My memory is terrible so my favorite moments have come in recent years.

1. Travis Ishikawa

Might as well finish the Travis Ishikawa story. I remember texting my friend once Ishikawa started to get starts in Left Field that it would be some crazy shit to envision "World Champion starting left fielder...Travis Ishikawa." I mean, come on. The Giants were fighting for the final playoff spot and their best option to start meaningful games in the last week of the season that carried playoff implications was a 31 year old first baseman whose career had peaked as a backup at the position. Bruce Bochy decided putting this guy in the outfield for a team that relied heavily on its defense to win games gave them the best shot at winning the World Series. And then they wonder why they get underestimated. This is why Ishikawa hitting a walk off home run to win the pennant for a team that could not buy a home run until that night off of a pitcher who was the defending NLCS MVP and is a strong Cy Young candidate this year is such a shocking moment. I mean Ishikawa was released earlier in the year by the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Giants made him go to the minor leagues before bringing him up. How is a movie not being written about this right now?

2. Cody Ross 2010 Postseason

His October made him a legend in the city of San Francisco forever. And they got him for nothing. The Marlins released him. How many General Manager ever had this thought cross their mind..."If we get Cody Ross, we're winning the World Series." I think my guess might be a little high but I'm going to say zero. But seriously, the Giants don't win the 2010 World Series without Cody Ross.

3. Guillermo Quiroz Walk Off Run

The fact that this was the second consecutive walk off home run because Buster Posey hit one the night before was the cherry on top. I never heard of Guillermo Quiroz until the Giants shocked the baseball world by keeping THREE catchers on the team. Okay, it wasn't that shocking but one of the catchers was the aforementioned reigning MVP, Buster Posey. Well Quiroz earned that third catcher spot and delivered when his name was called against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Everything about that sequence was beautiful. The swing, the flip, the fist pump around the bases, the fat man run, the smile, the embraces by teammates who knew that was his one shining moment, everything was perfect for Quiroz in that moment.

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