Friday, May 20, 2016

Post Malone - Monte

Post Malone. I, like everyone else, first heard of the dude from White Iverson. I initially thought White Iverson was Grayson Allen's nickname because I first heard of it right when Duke was making their championship run so I figured that is what everyone christened Yung Grayson. Grayson Allen has the most punchable face since Jay Cutler by the way. Anyways, once I found out White Iverson and Grayson Allen were two separate entities, I gave the track a shot. I liked it but it wasn't anything special. It was aiiigggghhht. Nothing original. Sounded like everything else at the time just from a different voice. Whenever it came on, I let it play all the way through and if someone were to play DJ and slap White Iverson, I wasn't mad at it. What I'm trying to say is that I could care less if Post Malone was going to be a one hit wonder or if he ended up winning 5 Grammys for Album of the Year.
When his new project, August 26th, came out, I still didn't care about Post Malone. I saw it there on the website but was like "maybe I'll give it a listen eventually." It came out the same day as the new Chance tape so I was on that tip for a good minute. Funny how I came across the new Post Malone project (really just the one track if I'm being honest) so I'll tell you. Like I said, I was bumping the new Chance project and I showed my homie my favorite track off of it, Mixtape. Shout out to Chance, Thugger, and Lil Yachty for that one. We started talking about Lil Yachty aka Lil Boat and the homie showed me his most recent verse. It happened to be a feature on the Post's project called Monte. I didn't think anything of it just by the track title so I said yeah bump that. Once I heard the words though I realized real quick it was about Monta Ellis.

For those that don't know how bad of a dude Monta Ellis was, people were legit outraged when the Warriors traded him instead of Steph Curry. Obviously I'm glad the team made the trade and it's ridiculous to question it looking back but there were reasons why fans were pissed. I can't put into words how bad the Warriors were but between the We Believe team and the juggernaut they have become today. Monta Ellis was the singular shining hope of Bay Area basketball in during that period. He gave everything he had every single night for a team that was guaranteed to miss the playoffs. Monta is a top 5 player to watch for me hands down. Anyways I digress...this song is dope as hell, no one is going to convince me otherwise. However...Post Malone bruh. How you going to misspell the title of the track? This is my only gripe with the track. Other than that, I think it's flawless. It's catchy, the beat is dope, and Post's flow is sick. Lil Yachty's verse was hella funny to me and straight comedy gold. In the last two days, I've had to of listened to this at least 200 times. And for those to say Post Malone and his project that "this isn't real hip-hop" go do something with your life and have some fun. This is a song about Monta Ellis by a white guy with cornrows and gold teeth from Dallas who blew up off a song called White Iverson. Don't listen to the song if you predetermined you were going to hate it. To sum it up, Monte might be my favorite song this year but don't hold me to it because I can't think right now. Definitely top 3. If you like the track spread the love. If not, don't be a hater and bash the guy. Use that time to find a song you do like. Peace

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