Thursday, February 7, 2013

An Ode To Brian Jennings

The Thankless One
Who's the longest tenured 49er? Frank Gore? Patrick Willis? Vernon Davis? It's long snapper extraordinaire whose picture you see above Brian Jennings. He has possibly the most thankless job on the field next to waterboy but he is so great at it no one recognizes him. As so many have said before you know how good a long snapper is by how little you hear of him and that is exactly how we know he is great. I don't care, everytime time the punt team or field goal unit comes out my eyes are glued to #86. Perfect snaps everytime....go ahead and think of the last time you can remember a bad snap on punt or field goal. You can't. And when Dashon Goldson tries to screw with Brian's head by calling his own number on a fake punt in the rain at New England, Jennings reacts by giving the Hawk a perfect spiral so he can run for the first down. In terms of executing their assignment with excellence Brian is right up there with Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, and the $20.5 million man (and worth every penny) Andy Lee. Another bonus as to why he is one of my favorite niners he is a real funny dude. He calls in every thursday during the season to the murph and mac show on knbr680 and is absolutley hilarious. make sure you check that out if you don't already. And if you have madden 13 please do jennings a favor and make him a starting TE so you have the joy of throwing him touchdown after touchdown while vernon davis sits on the bench. peace.

Ghostface Killah- One

Here's Toney Starks at his creative most unpredictable what the fuck is he saying i don't know what is talking about but this shit slaps self. don't try to decipher these lyrics because you might just get an aneurism. just take it for what it is. I forgot who said it but they said it best when they said "i'm sure it makes sense in his head." dudes a genius when he said "we never half baked Alaska." The actual dish is Baked Alaskan but he never had it so he doesn't know how to say it. shout out to shotsfired podcast for that tidbit. Ghost Deini respect

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