Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Most Memorable Sports Moments

Everyone who watches sports has those memorable moments that they never forget. Low and behold here are mine. You can pretty much tell how old i am and who my favorite teams are just by peeping the list. There's no particular order btw so that's probably for another time

Super Bowl 47
sucks obviously because they lost but shit i was waiting my whole life for them to get to the big game. and super bowl 29 doesn't count for me since i can't remember that. the only thing we know for sure after the game is colin kaepernick is the future and ray lewis can finally leave. seriously how is jacoby jones going to have a bigger impact in the game than ray lewis. also fuck cary williams talking about how the niners are a fake tough team. this dude gets involved in that big fight by shoving a ref and proceeding to not get ejected....real tough guy Cary. he's the third most famous cary and the first two are fictional women. shout out to the worst prom date ever Carrie and Carrie Heffernan

Congrats to john harbaugh and joe flacco and django reed. fuck ray lewis, terrell suggs aka biz markie, and the third most famous cary williams

Giants are Champions
On a brighter note the Giants won the 2012 world series in addition to the 2010. how they have managed to win two titles in three years i have no idea but won't complain. i'll let you decide which one was better.
i know this is blasphemy but maybe joe buck is san francisco's good luck charm and we should have had fox broadcast the super bowl who knows

I could have had a post dedicated to the memorable moments during the two postseason runs but here are my two favorite moments from those years

Master Supreme Douchebag of the universe Mat Latos finally gets what he deserves

i am convinced juan uribe's sole purpose right now is to sabotage the dodgers and for that i am forever grateful

Niners Win the NFC
this goes without saying but the niners beating the falcons to advance to the super bowl is right up there. revenge for garrison heart's ankle

Kaepernick Era Begins
i thought alex smith should have kept his job but kap convinced me otherwise with that corner route to kyle williams against the bears so yeah i don't know as much as i thought

SF Pro Am 2011 Finals

No doubt the best game i attended that year. wendell mckinnes, kiwi garnder, and aaron gordon stole the show while matt barnes continued to be his bitch ass self

The We Believe Warriors 

for the first time in a generation the warriors were actually good. j rich, baron, captain jack, pre-bitch Biedrins, and clean cut Monta led the way. Also shout out to al harrington and his weird ass head. Lol at Mickael Pietrus, can't believe i actually wanted his jersey at one point but not gunna lie i think he could help out this years team. Pietrus pride of that 03 draft class fuck bosh spice

Jason Richardson 04 Dunk Contest
probably the best dunk in dunk contest history and for some reason fred jones won that year. and if your're wondering who the fuck fred jones is...exactly.

Brandon Lloyd making Ridiculous catches

it doesnt't matter that his catches were always called back because of a Kwame Harris holding they were still dope. shout out to cody pickett

49ers vs Eagles 2011
Two things about this game. 1) start of the Harbaugh era as we know it and 2) start of the end of the Andy Reid era. shout out to frank gore saying the eagles gave up after the game

USC vs Vince Young 2005
last time there was a non SEC champion. shows us what vince young could do if he just stayed away from the cheescake factory. shout out to slick pete for leaving the most dominant player in recent memory on the sideline on 4th and 2...fucking idiot
youtube has the whole game but here is the 4th quarter

Boise State vs Oklahoma 2007
Alex Smith and the Utes were the first to bust the BCS but they beat Tyler Palko and Pitt so that almost doesn't count. Boise State changed the way people thought about the BCS by beating a perennial powerhouse in Oklahoma in a game most remembered for the hook and ladder and the statue of liberty.

Utah beats Alabama 2009 Sugar Bowl and furthers argument for a playoff
While everyone anoints Nick Saban as the greatest coach ever it's not too hard to win a lot when you get the best talent every year. Also those same people like to pretend this game never happened and Utah jumped out to a 21-0 lead and never looked back. So when you hear analysts it's unfair to give Saban more than a month to gameplan for an opponent, just remember he let Brian Johnson go crazy on his defense. shout out to maino for only song anyone knows him for

Warriors beat Blazers on April 14, 2010 with 5 players
c'mon man this is ridiculous only 5 players able to play and two of them were anthony tolliver and devean george so technically they only had three players. steph had 42-9-8 and i still don't know how he didn't win rookie of the year. shout out to reggie williams tho gotta bring him back

Mike Bibby says Fuck You to David Stern
The Kings, or Queens as Shaq likes to call them, nearly overcame the shadiest officiated series in history but the sith lord himself David Stern would have none of that. Yes Mike Bibby was at one point the key to team winning a championship. Shout out to Derek Fisher for his patented unnecessary flop.

Super Bowl XXXII Broncos vs Packers
I don't remember much of this game but it's here because it's the first game i could remember watching and have been hooked to the sport ever since. John Elway, Terrel Davis, Ed McCaffery, Rod Smith, and Shannon Sharpe..goddam the broncos offense was loaded. Also one of the greatest joys in life is to watch Brett Favre fail. if for some reason you wanna watch the whole game here you go

Super Bowl XXXIV Titans vs Rams
Another great Super Bowl saw Kevin Dyson get stopped one yard short of sending the game into overtime by none other than who? mike jones. RIP Steve Mcnair

The Catch II
Back when TO wasn't a problem child and having problems paying for his children he was the heir to jerry rice. Made up for a bunch of drops with the best catch of his career. once again Brett Favre fails
Barry Bonds 71st Homerun
Barry Bonds should be in the Hall of Fame based on his stats. Take away the years he was juicing and he still put up Hall of Fame numbers. It's not Barry's fault that he was better than everyone because everyone was on the juice too. it's not his fault bud selig turned a blind eye to steroids because he sure as hell wasn't complaining when these guys were bringing in record attendance numbers, fuckin hypocrite. Babe Ruth played in an era when only white people played and the competition sucked. Bonds played in an era with roided up pitchers, was getting walked every other at bat, faced players from all over the world, and faced pitchers whose only job was to get him out. shout out to arthur rhodes. fuck all the baseball writers who say he shouldn't get in because he cheated. if you ain't cheatin you ain't tryin. RIP eddie guerrero. he didn't even break the law or any of baseball's rules. the shit he did was legal when he did it. babe ruth on the other was breaking the law when his fatass was drinking alcohol every night but whatever

I was kinda doing this stuff on the fly so i definitely missed some stuff. Things not on the list because i either couldn't find a video or didn't wanna look are: matt cain perfect games, jonathan sanchez's no hitter, fred lewis hitting for the cycle (i liked him as a player for some reason), kenny lofton singling home david bell to send the 2002 giants to the world series, and whatever else i forgot. if you see something i missed make your own goddam list. peace

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