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Atmosphere: You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having

Peace whats happening you already know so you don't have to ask. Slug (the MC) and Ant (the producer) are legends in the underground game and have one of the biggest if not the biggest following in underground hip-hop. They been doing it for damn near 20 years and even got a great label, Rhymesayers, to put even more people on. Some names on the Rhymesayers roster are Evidence, Aesop Rock, and everyone's favorite albino conspiracy theorist Brother Ali. I recently started listening to Atmosphere after hearing a couple tracks here and there so i decided to randomly pick their fourth studio album released back in 05 You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having as the one that's going to introduce me to the duo. I don't really know what to expect so here we go.

Ratings right here:
0- never playing this shit again or just hitting the next button
1- if it comes on i'll let it play
2- i go out of my way to play this

1) The Arrival
Right out the gate first things first Ant hits us with some bass trunk rattling thumping shit. 3 seconds in and already i'm liking what i'm hearing off to a good start. No matter how good of an MC you are, you need to have the beats to go along with it to take you to that next level. When Slug is saying "They've arrived" i'm taking that to mean Atmosphere is back to take help bandage our wounds of wack shit that's been playing. If this was released in 05 that means if my calculations are correct Dem Franchize Boyz and D4L (shout out Shawty Lo) was poppin. Jermaine Dupri really has no artistic integrity and really just jumps on to what is hot but he getting paid. But the YoungBloodz was out around the same time i think so everything wasn't complete ass, dey callin me. Back to the track it's some raw shit. Slug is hitting you bar after bar nonstop and before you know it he just rapped his ass off for four minutes straight with no hook. Much respect. Great way to start the album no bullshit. It's like Slug was telling his kid "bring your friends over and i'm going to shit with the door open so there isn't any surprises and they know exactly what they're in for the minute they step into my house." 2

2) Panic Attack 
Hard hitting shit again right from the start by my man Ant. Two tracks in and he got me seriously thinking he one of the more underrated producers we have. Slug almost gave me a panic attack when he comes out with his muffled voice, i don't fuck with that but they switching it up. After hearing this Slug has flow for days. Dude can probably rap the dictionary and find a way to make that shit all flow like the Mississippi. He's talking to all those who suffer from panic or anxiety attacks and thus have to rely on meds to keep them in check. Slug trying to warn those the dangers of trying to medicate yourself with non-prescription drugs or alcohol. Pretty much watch out what the fuck you doing. Don't use your diagnosis as an excuse to be an idiot because stupid choices can lead to panic attacks creating a vicious cycle. 1

3) Watch Out 
Here we got the classic haters/fuck the youngsters anthem track that it seems everyone has to have. nothing special. pretty much a fill in the blank rap. ain't feeling it since the concept is overdone. 0

4)  Musical Chairs
Slug is telling us the story of two different people to get his point across that life is like the game of musical chairs. There is always someone going to be left out. Suzy and Bobby are looked down upon by society and friends because they aren't like everyone else with Suzy being a Slut and Bobby being a know it all with no friends. There isn't anything wrong with them but maybe they should have had someone tell them "You don't know everything you stupid shit" and "Stop trying to fuck all the time" and maybe they could fit in better but shit that goes back to parenting and maybe Slug is reminding himself of necessary fatherly duties. Ant laced the track again and i'm saying at this point he is ahead of Slug for the race of star of the album. 2

5) Say Hey There- the music video is edited but if you wanna see it click
Sean is flexing on the topic which he is best known for and that is talking about his past relationships and shit. So if you thought Drake was the first to be "open" with relationship issues...WRONG. Slug been doing that but he tells the masculine version of it unlike the feminine escapades of the man from north of the border. Pretty much this is a story about a bitch who just won't leave him alone. My man Sean don't wanna be in the relationship but the broad doesn't get the picture and he can't get rid of her. She pretty much annoying the shit out of him with everything that she does causing him to stress over some unnecessary shit. The girl is ruining Slug's life and my man is just trying to get away so he doesn't always have a migraine 25/8. Ant bruh once again keeps laying down fire for Slug to cook on. It's that chemistry that great duos or groups just have. 2

6) Hockey Hair 
Just flexxin his flow again. This the second track on the album where Slug straight up raps, no hooks, just bar after bar after bar flexxin that flow that he has. He's not fully satisfied with the "celebrity" lifestyle. I don't know if i would call him a celebrity and i don't think slug would call himself a celebrity either. He doesn't like the touring aspect of his job now that he is older. It may have been cool back in the day but the older he gets it's probably not as cool to be hooking up with chicks 15 years his junior and whatnot. Seems like Slug wants to find some happiness and would be able to if he can settle down with a wife but touring and shit is getting in the way of that. Ant is 6 for 6 behind the boards. 2

7) Bam
I gotta do more research on this but why does Ant not get anymore love as one of the best producers we have? Usually being a producer is some color blind shit or i don't know maybe he only caters to a certain demographic or some bullshit like that. 2nd track in a row where it's Slug flowing the whole time although i like what the did with anytime Slug yells out "Bam" that takes care of the hook right there. A one word hook and he goes right back into talking about how him and Ant are coming at you with that in your face rap that you can either love or hate. I got a good vibe from these dudes that their live shows are ill. 2

8) Pour Me Another
I see the appeal of Slug as a rapper. He is a guy that people look up to yet he has problems just like all his fans and he is super easy to relate to. I'll sum this track up in 6 words...Slug drinks his problems away too. First beat of the album i am not a fan of BUT i let it slide because it fits perfectly with what ol Sluggo is saying and how he feels. 1

9) Smart Went Crazy 
After seeing Ant's pic on the link he looks like a serial killer/rodeo clown/local tattoo artist whose hobby is fixing up motorcycles/possible neo-nazi but i don't judge based off a pic. Now i don't know if this is right but what i think Slug is saying is that shit is all good at first no matter if it's a truth or lie. The shitty things happen when what you thought were truths turned out to be lies and that realization is sadder and harder than if you had just known the truth from the beginning. Slug at the time of the album's release had been around for a while so it's not like he's new to the game or anything like that. He still struggling with the lifestyle he's living but at the same time the problems he has are problems a normal person suffers through which again enhances his appeal to his fanbase. Cool track but not memorable like that. 0

10) Angelface 
Comparing shit to a woman never seems to fail. It's a winning formula Common used to talk about the direction of hip hop at the time and in this instance Slug refers to different cities he has been to while on tour as his women. Makes sense as most are one night stands and can either be a terrible experience or great one which keeps him coming back for more in the future. Only reason why this shit ain't on instant repeat is that i really don't give a fuck about the cities that Slug and Ant have been to and for the fact that he tricked me because i thought i was bouta get a little freestyle at the end. 1

11) That Night 
 Yo first of all RIP to the girl who the song is dedicated to. Fuck people who when given the tiniest bit of power completely abuse it and have the biggest power trip. The song is written about a 16 year old girl who went to an Atmosphere show in New Mexico and ended up getting taken advantage of by the janitor working that night. If you want the rest of the details listen to the song or look it up because i don't wanna touch on it here. This shit is too sad. Back to napoleon complex motherfuckers. There is a reason the scumbag is working as a janitor. He is no position to be a leader or have any power. If he had half a brain he would be the head janitor supervisor or some shit, no disrespect to any janitors out there. Fuckbrains like him wondering why no one gives them respect or some shit or looks at them differently...Look in the mirror dude. I feel like i'm digressing my point is that motherfuckers who don't have any power don't for a reason. If we give them any reason to feel empowered we are doing ourselves and society as a whole a disservice. You supposed to be cleaning my shit i didn't flush not telling people you can meet them up with the performer. I gotta say once again the only people i'm trying to demean are peole who be abusing their powers when their intellectual qualifications destined them to be followers and nothing else. 0

12) Get Fly 
Who knew the neo-nazi could sample a church choir and turn it into some positive shit. This song has my favorite message in the song which is to 1) take accountability for your actions and 2) do what makes you happy instead of pleasing others. Slug starts off by saying he used to think the government was out to get him or he would blame god and society but fuck it. If people are really out to get me they'll get me so ima live the way i wanna live in the meantime. If they are trying to bring me down the best thing i can do is enjoy myself because they sure as hell don't want that. The second verse he is saying learn from mistakes both from your past and of those that are older. More often than not we will end up in those same situations but at east by seeing it already happen we would be better equipped to handle it. I fuck with this song. Bonus points for the choir solo at the end. 2

13) Little Man
Is it just me or does the beat sound a little like Aquemini. Now we got that out of the way i wanna say i dig this track. Love the concept of Slug talking to his son, his father, and then to himself. He's a self aware man and will be the first to admit he has made many mistakes but is constantly trying to make himself a better person, father, and son. This some grown man rap shit right here. No ignorance allowed when entering Slug's chamber. Future...there's the door, French your shot somewhere over there, still looking for the password to get in keep looking, Weezy...aren't you a father too? i know he a smart dude and i am not one to comment on someone else's parenting skills but i'm 100% sure everyone would give him respect once again if he did a self check track instead of talking bout licking his own fluids off of some hooker's back. My favorite track on the and a great way to end it. 2

Total Rating: 65%

First off i know Slug is the star and rightfully so because he the frontman but goddam Ant opened up my eyes. Definitely gotta look into him and see if he got any other projects on the side. This album is like the perfect amount of time for me. I ain't a big fan of skits because most of the time artists don't know how to use them and they end up being annoying talking bout "i came up from nothing blah blah blah." We get it, that's why we're listening to your album because we wanna see how you came up from nothing through you rhyming words. If i wanted to hear you talk about your come up you shoulda wrote a book. Anyways 13 TRACKS, a couple ones that weren't for my taste and only maybe 1 that i thought was complete trash. Other than that all quality work from my boys Slug and Ant. Definitely bouta dig into the itunes and find their other shit and give it a listen. peace.


Action Bronson & Alchemist feat. Schoolboy Q- Demolition Man

I love it when an MC and a producer do a whole project together especially when they got chemistry like Alc and Bronsolinio. Add in Quincy and you got a winning formula. I didn't like this at first but it definitely grew on me. Those mating calls them two be doing bouta be stuck in your head too. No one was sober while this track was made that's for sure. bbbdddaaabyebye bbbdddaaabyebye

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