Saturday, February 9, 2013

This Day In History

February 9, 1950

Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin captured the fear of Americans across the country when he announced in a random speech in the random city of Wheeling, West Virginia that he had in his possession a list of 205 US State Department workers who are communists. Fresh off of World War II and with the threat of the Soviet Union, having communists and communist spies take over the government was the last thing Americans wanted to see. shout out the the Rosenbergs. For some reason we as Americans let fear control us to the point where McCarthy got re-elected to the Senate and continued to accuse anyone of being a communist from the Secretary of State to your next door neighbor. He was never able to provide proof and everyone finally caught on and eventually no one cared about him anymore. He died peacefully of alcoholism and now his legacy is that of someone who screamed fire and pulled the alarm in a crowded movie just so he can have the whole theater to himself. peace

Geto Boys- Mind Playing Tricks On Me

What was originally supposed to be a a Scarface solo track Willie D and Bushwick Bill heard a peep of this and told 'Face "Fuck you we laying down verses too" and a classic was born. Kid Cudi's Day N' Night's reason for existence was because of this song as young Scott said it was his version of the Geto Boys song, so you could either thank the Boys from Houston or hate them for that one. shout out to Office Space for introducing a brotha to Geto Boys. I Sit Alone In My Four Cornered Room.

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