Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the startup

the reason why i decided to do this blog was because i have been suffering the last couple days after the 49ers lost in the super bowl. i realized just how much of my day consists of looking at sports sites. most of them suck anyway so i decided to just make my own website combing sports and hip hop and whatever else i feel like posting. if you like it tell your friends and leave comments. if you don't like it tell your friends and leave comments on how much it sucks. peace

Also on this day in 1911 the devil himself Ronald Wilson Reagan (666) was born so let's celebrate by selling crack to poor neighborhoods

i also want it to be known that this blog is dedicated to the beautiful Nelly Furtado and Rashida Jones. One of the things they have in common with my girlfriend is they give zero fucks about this blog so its all love.

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