Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wrestling and The Olympics

The Olympic Cut the Weight That Is Wrestling

News came out this morning that the oldest sport in the world has been dropped from the 2020 Olympics. This is stupid seeing as the Olympics prides itself on tradition and history yet are washing itself with history and tradition. There is very little that has changed about wrestling over the years. As a matter of fact i can't think of any. It is two people competing against each other to see who is better. That is not a dumbed down explanation. It is the essence of competition. It is one on one, no one there to help you. Sure there are coaches but wrestlers can't hear what the coaches are saying during the match anyway. It is one of the only sports today that we can go in a time machine to the first Olympics and have the spectators not only know what sport it is but also compete because it is the same now as it was then. So now that wrestling is gone we can all go enjoy the true spirit of the Olympics in the form of ping-pong, sailing, golf, tennis, shooting, B-team World Cup Soccer, and competitive crocheting which will be a sport by 2024 if my sources are correct. And Track And Field and Swimming and other sports like that are great for the Olympics too but if they have world championships every year that kind of devalues the joy of being the best once every four years. I don't know maybe i'm just pissed or maybe i'm making sense who knows. All i know is i'll be sure to get my fix by watching rich people ride horses to claim the title of best horse back rider of the world. peace.

Sublime- Scarlet Begonias

RIP Brad. Dam a lot of talented people have died. Makes you wonder if being famous is worth it.

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