Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Most Electrifying Moves In Sports Entertainment

Everyone watched wrestling when we were younger and if you didn't either you're a liar, to afraid to admit, or actually didn't watch it but we're not worried about that last group here. It's a time for reminiscing and nostalgia right here. You know what it is, i have in my hand a list of moves that gets everyone out of their seats because they know the match is over.

Angle Slam/Ankle Lock

Putting both Kurt Angle finishers on here because Kurt Angle is the shit. Winning an Olympic gold medal with a broken freakin' neck then proceeding to take over the wrestling world. Plus he stole Ken Shamrock's finisher of the ankle lock and made everyone forget that he took it from him. shout out ken shamrock, you still get some love here. Oh it's, it's damn true.

Diamond Cutter

Some like the RKO better but gotta give it up to the original. Diamond Dallas Page could counter a bunch of moves into his finisher that was one of the more original and unique ones of his time. And I'm convinced that Jay-Z got the roc symbol from this man. Self High Five

The People's Elbow

I could honestly have a whole list with the Rock's best moments so that's probably for another day so lets take in the most electrifying move in sports entertainment and appreciate it. who cares it's probably his weakest move its the Rock.

Tombstone Piledriver

Staring at the Undertaker's crotch while being held upside was probably the scariest moment for any wrestler and for that it is on here. Probably the most fitting finisher for any one wrestler.

Stone Cold Stunner

The one and only Stone Cold. Everyone has definitely either tried or seen someone try this on someone else. It was best followed by him drinking beer over his knocked out opponent.


Goldberg's devastating 1-2 combo put the finishing touches on anyone. Dude could and did lift everyone up and i don't think anyone ever kicked out.

Sweet Chin Music

This is one move that actually looks like it could do actual damage in real life. Best thing about this was it could be done at any moment anywhere.

Frog Splash

This was done by several people but perfected by the one and only Eddie Guerrero. RIP. He was one of the last wrestlers who can have every single person in the audience and at home watching in full support of him. A true icon.

There you have it. Best and most electrifying moves. peace

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